Friday, May 11, 2012

Toad's Leg Photo Tutorial

Here's what the toad parts look like before they're stuffed:

Or if you prefer, the squashed view:

Stuff the thighs of the back legs very firmly, but only use a small amount of stuffing in the thinner part, and don't stuff the feet at all:

Attach the thigh first.  It should run parallel to the toad's  textured back:

Once the thigh is firmly seamed on, fold the leg as shown and baste together:

Do the same for the lower part of the leg:

View from the bottom:

Add the front legs, and you've made yourself a little friend:

Just try to keep him away from your computer:


  1. This is another cool pattern. My knitting skills are minor though I would love to give this pattern a shot.

    Thank you for the tutorial.


    1. Thanks! I think you'll find it's much easier than you're thinking. Try it!

  2. SO cute!!
    Looks like the toads I knew and loved in an Acadia University biology building many years ago.

    janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
    (Change caps to symbols and lose the spaces.)